Wine List

Wine List


    • White Wines

    • Trebbiano, Veneto

      This delicately perfumed blend of native Sicilian grape varieties offers ripe pear and and red apple fruit, a hint of spice, and lemony crispness on the finish.

      175ml 250ml Btl
      £3.95 £5.50 £15.95
    • Pinot Grigio, Veneto

      Light straw-yellow wine with a light,pleasant aroma. Dry and lean, full-bodied and harmonious, with a distinct almond aftertaste (also available in rose)

      175ml 250ml Btl
      £4.95 £6.95 £20.50
    • Soave Classico, Monteforte


      Clean, bright and light in colour, with an attractive , fresh, open nose, with perfumes of almond blossom and white flowers. On the palate it has excellent depth and a lovely balance between ripe, aromatic fruit and fresh, zingy acidity. This wine is clean and spicy on the finish.

    • Orvietto Classico Amabile, Umbria


      Amabile is classic, traditional style for the local white wine and means “softly sweet” attractive, nutty and grape-like flavours with a gentle sweetness.

    • Custoza, faccioli


      A beautiful marriage of verona grape varieties, produces a soft, harmonious and balanced , soft and fresh.

    • Sauvignon, Cabert Fruili

      The wine making process with fermentation separate from the skins, yields a pale-yellow greenish wine with a characteristic aromatic bouquet which often hints of yellow pepper, banana, or melon. A refreshing dry and elegant wine to enjoy when young. Excellent accompaniment to vegetable dishes and savoury foods but also much appreciated as an aperitif.

      175ml 250ml Btl
      £5.95 £7.50 £23.00
    • Pecorino, Terre Di Chiete, Abruzzo


      Not just a cheese, Pecorino is also a white grape variety enjoying a revival in the Marche and Abruzzo regions. This has a lemony, nutty character and is a fascinating alternative to the all-too-familiar Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Try it with seafood, white meats and cheeses.

    • Pinot Grigio Santa Margherita

    • Gavi di Gavi, La Guistiniana, Piemonte


      Outstanding estate producing Gavi of remarkable character and originality, Fresh aromas of white peach and nectarines concentration and weight on the palate with lemony citrus notes and a long mineral finish.

    • Red Wines

    • Luigi Leonardo, Sangiovese

      A ruby red wine with scents of flowers and red fruits, Dry warm and properly tannic.

      175ml 250ml Btl
      £3.95 £5.50 £15.95
    • Merlot, pontepietra , Veneto

      The Merlot lends the wine a soft, blackberry voluptuousness, whereas the ripe Corvina adds the characteristic cherry blossom perfume and ripe cherry pie fruit character to the palate and finish. Clean, fresh and well-balanced through to the finish.

      175ml 250ml Btl
      £4.75 £5.95 £18.95
    • Bardolino, boscon

      60 to 90 days in bottle producing a limpid, ruby red colour with an aroma of ripe red fruits, with hints of cherry and plum. intense and persistent with hints of ripe red fruit.

      175ml   Btl
      £5.50   £21.50
    • Montepuliciano, Gransasso

      A fabulous , bright red and packed full of fruit. Dense, ripe cherry on the nose with plum and hints of dark chocolate. It's bright and vibrant, packed full of red cherry and red berry fruit. The tannins are ripe and it's a lovely crunchy style. Great fruit with good acidity,hints of dark chocolate on the palate too. It's dense yet not at all heavy and really appealing. Delicious !! Very food friendly.

      175ml 250ml Btl
      £5.50 £7.50 £21.50
    • Brindisi, Cantina due palme, Puglia


      A highly reputed wine from selected grapes grown in this thriving wine producing area of Puglia. This wine is packed with rich, velvety smooth dark fruit flavours and is balanced by warm supple tannins to give a full bodied but smooth finish.

    • Rufian, Malbech / Cabarnet sauvignon


      Bright cardinal red with a vinous, fresh bouquet with intense hints of wild berry fruits. Soft and balanced. Well-bodied with velvet final. It meets the wish of fresh drinking of the modern meals often made by a single course.

    • Shiraz, Solonio Lazio


      An intense, brilliant shade of ruby red, this wine gives off spicy aromas and hints of leather, plums and mature cherries. The palate welcomes its soft fruity feel and its pleasant aromatic flavor.

    • Valpolicella 'R' Superiore Ripasso, Veneto


      Bright ruby in colour, it has perfumes of bitter cherries and a slight smokiness from the oak. On the palate, it is full and rich, with a spicy cherry character balanced by smooth, rounded tannins. Supple and long, with a bitter twist on the finish.

    • Genius loci, Corvina, Faccioli


      With a complex and intense aroma of spiced red fruits, dry, warm, intense and persistent. Must be tried!

    • Edizione Autotocnic


      Our best selling top end wine. Savoury, excellent balanc, rich warm ripe and intense, chewy and mouthfilling.

    • Barolo ,Franco Serra, Piemonte

    • Amarone della Valpolicella, le Poesie